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Connect Your Recorder to Your PC for NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

To transfer your voice recording from your recorder to your PC to use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you need a physical connection between the recorder and your PC. If your recorder is not digital, you will have to use the Line-In connection.

Digital data transfer connection with NaturallySpeaking

Digital transfer most commonly takes place through a data cable, running from a connector on a digital recorder to a connector (usually a USB) on your PC. From this connection, you “copy the data” (your voice recording) to your PC’s hard drive. Check your recorder’s manual for details on how to make this connection.

Other possible ways to transfer digital data include a memory card that you remove from the recorder and place in a slot in your PC (or in a device connected to your PC). Check your PC’s manual or your recorder’s manual for instructions on copying the data from this memory card to your PC’s hard drive.

If you have a digital recorder but it doesn’t provide digital data transfer, use the Line-In connection. Some other reasons for using the Line-In connection with a digital recorder are as follows: You may not have the digital cable you need; your PC may not have a connector available; or your PC may not be equipped to read the recorder’s digital storage medium.

Line-In connection with NaturallySpeaking

If your recorder still uses tape or if the recorder is digital but you can’t transfer the data digitally, use the Line-In connection on your PC. This is also called an analog connection (as opposed to digital).

A Line-In connection requires a cable from the audio output jack (a round hole) of the recorder to the round Line-In jack on your PC. You can use this sort of connection with any recorder that has a Line-Out jack or a headphone jack (sometimes marked “ear” or “audio out”).

If you use a stereo recorder for a Line-In connection, you need a special cable or adapter that creates a monaural (single-channel) output.

To be able to create a User Profile from another audio source (your recorder), you must have Administrator privileges. If you are the licensed owner of the software, you likely are also the administrator.