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Choose or Switch Users in NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

When you launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it may ask you to choose a user. If it doesn’t ask, don’t worry. You probably have only one user: you.

Remember that when you first set up NaturallySpeaking, you created and named a User Profile and then trained NaturallySpeaking on how that user (you) sounded. Now, when you launch NaturallySpeaking, you must choose that user so that NaturallySpeaking can recognize you.

After launching, NaturallySpeaking displays the Open User dialog box. Click the User Profile name you created when you set up NaturallySpeaking, and then click the Open button. You’re ready to roll.

If other people use this same copy of NaturallySpeaking (or if you have multiple users for yourself), each person must have his or her own User Profile. If you need to add a user, go to the DragonBar and choose Profile→New User Profile. This launches the same New User Wizard you used to set up NaturallySpeaking for yourself.

You can switch users without restarting NaturallySpeaking. Follow these steps:

  1. From the DragonBar, choose Profile→Open User Profile.

    NaturallySpeaking may ask whether you want to save your speech files. Unless for some reason you don’t want to save any corrections you have made to NaturallySpeaking’s behavior, choose Yes. NaturallySpeaking then displays the Open User dialog box.

  2. Click the username from the User list, then click the Open button.

If different people have been using NaturallySpeaking, the usernames are listed at the bottom of the Profile menu. Just click a username to choose it.