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Why You Don’t Use Only One Nurturing Marketing Automation Campaign

By Mathew Sweezey

Nurturing is a skill that requires full understanding of the marketing automation technique to maximize its effectiveness. Like email, nurturing is something you need to work at over time, and you need to learn new things all the time. Techniques change frequently, with new tricks to try popping up all the time.

However, the biggest way to fail with marketing is simply in not thinking small enough about nurturing. Think very small. A nurturing campaign should be focused on reaching only a single goal. The smaller you think about these goals, the better your nurturing campaigns will be.

The trick is something Teresa Amabile and Steve Kramer wrote about in a 2011 article for the Harvard Business Review blog. Years of research helped them prove that constraint is good for creativity. The more constraint you give yourself, the better targeted your content will be, and the better your program will be. Creativity is the key that sets your campaign apart from others.

Thinking that you can just automate the emails you already have is the fastest way to fail. Remember, it’s a one-to-one medium. If your nurturing campaigns are natural, you will increase the odds of engagement. Keep in mind that a consumer makes a judgment call on your email in 1/20th of a second.

So try to put a constraint on your nurturing programs to have a very specific goal, and you’ll notice that your emails will be more specific and optimized for that goal and will generally help you reach your goal better than would a campaign with a less refined goal.