User Roles in ACT! - dummies

By Karen S. Fredricks

Part of ACT! by Sage For Dummies Cheat Sheet

ACT! by Sage helps you organize customer information in one place but lets you share it as widely as you need to. Of course, not every employee needs access to every bit of information in ACT!, and the following table shows the functions available to the various user levels:

Function Administrator Manager Standard Restricted Browse
Create/edit/delete own activities X X X X
Edit/delete other users’ activities X X
Create/edit events X X
Synchronize Outlook activities X X X X
Customize activity types X X
Manage Priorities List X X
Activity Series
Create, edit, and delete my own activity series templates X X X
Delete or edit activity series of others X X
Schedule activity series X X X X
Create/edit templates X X X
E-mail X X X X X
Enable a merge X X X X
Contact, Companies, and Groups
Create/edit contacts X X X X
Create/edit groups and companies X X X
Delete my contacts/companies/groups X X X
Delete other users’ contacts/companies/groups X X
Change Record Manager for contacts/companies/groups X X
Add fields X X
Access Layout Designer X X
Modify word processing and report templates X X X
Customize menus/toolbars X X X
Data Exchange
Export to Excel from list views X X X
Export data from File menu X X
Import data X X
Database Management
Add user X
Back up database X X
Define fields and protected drop-down lists X X
Delete database X
Lock database X X
Change database preferences X X
Perform maintenance X
Restore database X
Run ACT! update X X X X X
Create/edit X X X X
Delete my opportunities X X X
Delete other users’ opportunities X X
Change Record Manager for opportunities X X
Manage opportunity processes X X
Manage opportunity products X X
Create/edit X X X
Run reports X X X X X
Enable synchronization X X
Synchronize to another database or PDA X X X
Manage Subscription List X X X
Manage synchronization set-up X X
Premium Features
Manage teams X X
Manage resources X X