Keyboard Shortcuts for ACT! by Sage - dummies

Keyboard Shortcuts for ACT! by Sage

By Karen S. Fredricks

Part of ACT! by Sage For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re using ACT! as your contact relationship manager software, you know that ACT! does its best to streamline every process. One way ACT! boosts your efficiency is by offering a whole host of keyboard shortcuts you can use to make your time even more productive. The following table lists common activities and the keys you press to access them:

Activity Press This
Add a sales opportunity Ctrl+F11
Attach a file Ctrl+I
Clear an activity Ctrl+D
Close a menu or dialog box Esc
Copy the selected text Ctrl+C
Cut the selected text Ctrl+X
Delete a contact, group, company, or lookup Ctrl+Delete
Display the Timer Shift+F4
Exit ACT! Alt+F4
Insert note F9
New contact, group, or company Insert
Paste the last cut or copied text Ctrl+V
Print address books, calendars, reports, labels, or
Record history Ctrl+H
Refresh Ctrl+F5
Schedule call Ctrl+L
Schedule meeting Ctrl+M
Schedule to-do Ctrl+T
Toggle Edit Mode, contact, group, or company list Ctrl+E
Undo Ctrl+Z
Help F1
View Company List Alt+F10
View Contact List F8
View Contact Detail window F11
View Group List F10
View Monthly Calendar F5
View Task List F7
View Work Week User Roles Shift+F3