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How to Write Copy for Marketing Automation Email Nurturing

By Mathew Sweezey

To craft good copy and increase the odds of engagement, consider the tone and format of your copy. The copy inside a marketing automation nurturing email is very different from copy in a newsletter or an email blast. Compare the images and notice the fundamental differences in the copy and layout.


The email newsletter was designed to mimic a publication such as one that an actual news agency might send out, and to be informational, too. This was great when email sending was not as prevalent, and it’s an effective tactic if the news is relevant to the person.

Joe Pulizzi (@joepulizzi) with Content Marketing Institute (@cminstitute) sends an email newsletter every day, and it remains one of that company’s most highly engaged with emails. People engage with it because the content is relevant and warranted.

The amount of information has been condensed to a single topic, yet the amount of content remains high. This email from ReadyTalk is advertising a new webinar. It is sent from the marketing team to people in their database who would find this webinar helpful.


The nurturing email, sent from a salesperson, was used to help nurture sales leads after they were already engaged with a salesperson. This type of message gives the sales team the ability to have a much larger reach while keeping salespeople laser-focused on only the leads who want to talk.

The email contains only one topic and is short on content. It’s also highly personalized and appears to be written by one person, intended for the recipient.