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How to Utilize Marketing Automation to Stay Relevant After an Event

By Mathew Sweezey

Your event is only one part of your marketing automation campaign. If your event generates leads, you need to follow up with them. A typical event also has many more registrants than actually attendees. Don’t follow up just to say thank you to those who attended. Use marketing automation to deliver content to those who couldn’t attend, as well. Your follow-up should be broken up into three parts:

  • Content: Take as many photos, videos, and audio recordings as possible at your event. Capture every speaker and get a copy of the speaker’s slides. All this content becomes great follow-up material. Break your content into long- and short-form content. Long-form content is any content that exceeds a few pages. Usually this content consists of ebooks, white papers, and full analyst reports. Short-form content is very short.

    If you take a white paper (long form) and break it down into specific sections, you have a short-form piece of content. Using both forms of content results in a lot of content for both inbound marketing and outbound emails. Your long-form content helps you identify more sales-ready interest, and your short form content works as teasers for the long-form content.

  • Follow-up nurturing program: Try to kick off your nurturing campaign the day after your event, and run it for seven to ten days after the event. This length of time should allow you to have two to three follow-up emails delivering content around your topic.

  • Automation rules: You need automation rules to help you manage all your follow-up. Your automation rules add people to nurturing campaigns, change their scores based on attending the event, and pass sales-ready leads over to sales. Ensure that you have the following automation rules set up to help you manage your leads correctly:

    • Score leads for signing up. Your score depends on the sales readiness of your webinar. If the webinar presents a product demo, score higher. If it is an educational webinar, score lower.

    • Notify salespeople if any of their leads attend a webinar.

    • Put everyone who signed up on a drip nurturing program.

    • Identify sales-ready leads and pass them to sales. (You should have already created this rule, but if not, make sure to do so now.)

    • Attach the leads who signed up for your webinar campaign so that you can track its effectiveness.