How to Utilize Marketing Automation to Build Your List of Possible Prospects - dummies

How to Utilize Marketing Automation to Build Your List of Possible Prospects

By Mathew Sweezey

Because an upsell campaign is always sent to existing clients, create a target list using the client data in your marketing automation CRM (customer relationship management). Here are the best ways to create your upsell list. It is very similar to mining your database for hot leads, yet also very different because all your leads are existing customers.

This means that the data points you look at are very different, and the type of communication you will have with your leads is very different as well. Here are some great ways to make your target list:

  • Let the members of the sales team make their own list. Giving sales the ability to control who goes on and off of the upsell campaign is a good option when your sales team demands 100 percent control over the marketing sent to their leads. You can enable salespeople to make their own lists using the following methods:

    • A field and a segmentation: By using segmentation on an extra field in your CRM, you can allow a salesperson to check a box and identify someone who qualifies for upselling campaigns. The downfall of this option is that it requires constant adding and changing of fields. It is not a dynamic solution, so you have to update your CRM system every time you want to change the option.

    • A list inside the CRM: If you give salespeople full control over their lists, you remove the need to constantly update your CRM. Some marketing automation solutions allow salespeople to add prospects to lists directly in the CRM.

      Check with your vendor to be sure, but most mainstream solutions have this feature built in. The benefit of the sales team having full control is that they know exactly which communication their prospects will be receiving, and when.

  • Use a segmentation rule to create your list for you. If you want complete control over your upsell list, use a segmentation or automation rule to create the list for you. This option is usually preferred because it gives the marketer the most control over who gets added to the campaign, and it does not require sales to do any work.