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How to Use Marketing Automation to Improve Search Engine Compatibility

By Mathew Sweezey

Marketing automation can improve the way you use search engines, an increasingly important tool for online marketing. Google reported a net profit of $43 billion dollars in 2012, which was an increase by $7 billion dollars from 2011. This increase clearly shows that companies are investing more in online marketing than they did in the past.

How to invigorate search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) combines placing paid ads on search engines with optimizing web content to display organically in search engine results. Connecting marketing automation to your paid search campaigns gives you three main benefits:

  • Closed-loop return on investment (ROI) tracking:Closed-loop ROI tracking provides you with the ability to show the closed revenue each keyword brings in over a period of time.

    With marketing automation, closed-loop ROI tracking tracks every lead, giving you the ability to attach each keyword to a prospect record and continue to follow the lead until it is a closed opportunity in the CRM. You see the full closed loop and therefore know where each lead came from and the revenue it brought in, which in turn enables you to prove the value of each marketing channel.

  • Better intelligence for sales: Because every lead passed to sales through marketing automation has a full history report, including the keywords a prospect searched for, the sales department can use this data to improve its sales process. For example, if your lead searched for your competitor’s keyword, a sales representative can assume that it is a competitive deal, and even know who his competition is.

  • More relevant campaigns: Because marketing automation shows you the keywords that are important to each prospect, you gain the ability to use this information for segmentation, nurturing, and changing your paid search campaigns to match the prospect’s interests.

    These three main benefits of marketing automation for SEM give you the ability to prove your value, identify where your money should be spent, and increase the sales from your SEM budget. As a result, you’ll spend less and get more.

How to remove the guesswork from SEO

A website’s ability to be found and ranked highly by a search engine is both an art and a science, and achieving it can also require a large investment of time and money. Because all your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are costly, it’s important to prove the value of these efforts, which can easily be tracked with marketing automation.

Most SEO efforts are evaluated on the basis of how many unique visitors you generate and how high your website is ranked when listed on a search results page. Both of these metrics are great, but they are very subjective without the ability to connect them to actual closed business.

Marketing automation allows you to track ROI down to each keyword over a given time frame because the leads and their search terms are being connected.


Keyword reporting is a basic feature in most marketing automation tools. Connecting a search term to a closed deal is very basic, and you can easily set up tracking so that every lead shows a history of search terms that follows the lead all the way to a closed deal in your CRM.

This history of search terms leads to reporting closed business and connecting the cause of the business to every search term, piece of content, and web page. These features can easily give you the information you need to prove the return on your investment and take the subjectivity out of SEO.