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How to Use Embedded Video for Increased Engagement in Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

You can use video specifically to drive higher conversions through your marketing automation. To create more advanced video, make sure that you have a few basic options with your video-hosting tool:

  • Auto play: This option allows your video to begin playing the moment someone lands on a page. This is not a super-advanced option, but it’s a feature that you will need to test for more advanced tactics.

    Having auto play allows you to remove the need for a person to click a button, thereby getting a prospect deeper into your content, faster. Auto play can help increase engagement by reducing the number of steps required to engage with your content.

  • In-video call to action: Make sure that your video-hosting solution has this feature if you want to use video to drive higher prospect engagement.

There are three basic levels of video embedding to increase your engagement rates: basic, advanced, and expert:

  • Basic: To drive increased engagement rates with embedded video, start by simply testing auto play on your video. As soon as someone lands on your landing page, the video begins to play.

    The idea here is instead of requiring people to read about what they are about to download, you show them with a video. The video should be above your form so that visitors can fill out the form at any time.


  • Advanced: To have visitors step into a more advanced landing page experience with video, consider combining video calls to action with auto play.


    Notice that the page has no form. The conversion point is an in-video call to action, which means that the video will stop after a set amount of time and prompt the watcher to fill in her email address. This is a more advanced option because you need to combine your video-hosting solution and your marketing automation tool.

  • Expert: This level uses the most advanced option offered by most technologies and is something for you to consider when you’re looking to drive maximum engagement or test new techniques. This level combines dynamic content, video, and in-video calls to action and works as follows:

    • Set up your dynamic content: Your dynamic content is in video form. Depending on your data point, a video tailored to the visitor pops up on the landing page.

    • Use a form to protect the video: You may want to protect your video rather than play it automatically. This means that the form has to be completed before the video plays. Different marketing automation tools have this feature, so ask your vendor how to accomplish this. Consider just asking for the prospect’s email address on this form.

    • In-video call to action: If you ask only for an email address, you might need more information. With an in-video call to action, you can have your video ask for a different piece of information after a set period of time. This approach allows you to gain more information as the video plays.