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How to Use Data Augmentation in Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Data augmentation is a key factor when you want to increase the engagement rates of your marketing automation. Data augmentation is the capability for a third-party software to fill in the blanks with your data set.

The key point here is that if you can buy the information from a third party, you have no reason to ask people for it. So if you were thinking of having a question such as company size on your form, you might be better off leaving this question out and getting the information from a third party.

The fewer questions you ask of people, the more likely they are to engage. After they fill out the form, you can then augment their record from third-party data sources to fill in the missing blanks, which gets you the information you need and increases engagement rates at the same time. Here are some data points for using data augmentation:

  • Last name: This information is most likely in a prospect’s email address and can easily be gained from data augmentation.

  • Company name: Likewise, this information is usually contained in the prospect’s email address and is easily provided by a data augmentation tool. Also, keep in mind that very large companies are highly unlikely to give you their company name when trying to remain covert.

  • Phone number. A recent study from MarketingSherpa found that 65 percent of the time, people lied when asked to provide their phone number. If you want it, you’ll probably have to get it by some other means anyway, so you might as well not ask to begin with.

  • Company size: Company size is an easy question to gain from data augmentation, and most people don’t fill out this question anyway.

  • Location: Location can be tricky, especially if the prospect has multiple locations. Using an email address and a data augmentation tool, you can usually find this out.

  • Revenue: This is a very invasive question to ask anyone. Just as you don’t ask individuals how much they make, it is rude to ask someone how much money their company takes in.