How to Use Call to Actions to Increase Marketing Automation Engagement - dummies

How to Use Call to Actions to Increase Marketing Automation Engagement

By Mathew Sweezey

Most companies use call to actions (CTA) in the form of links to articles, content, or their website. These CTAs usually provide content, which is great, but you can also use CTAs for other purposes to get more engagement from them. Using CTAs also gives you more ways to mix up content in your nurturing program. Try placing CTAs in the following ways:

  • Ask for comments on the blog: A great use of nurturing can be to help drive comments to your blog. Comments on your blog give your post more validity and make it more engaging. Getting comments can be tough, so try asking for them through a nurturing campaign.

  • Ask for feedback: One way to ask for feedback is to send an email follow-up to your white paper. Ask for feedback on how helpful it was. You’ll get an engagement, and you’ll get feedback.

  • Ask for recommendations: If you are nurturing current clients, dedicate an email to asking people to recommend your company. This request can help you drive recommendations and give you other engagements beyond just sending content. Also, if clients do make recommendations, make sure to thank them.

  • Survey people: Surveys are a great way to get new content for articles. Try sending an email with a short survey asking people to help. You can offer them first dibs on the new research you produce, or invitations to a webinar available only for those who give feedback.