How to Score Social Media Interactions with Marketing Automation - dummies

How to Score Social Media Interactions with Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Proving return on investment (ROI) on social media campaigns can be difficult. That is, it’s difficult until you have marketing automation and it becomes very easy to see who interacts and where in the sales cycle the interaction occurs.

Each social media post, such as a tweet, Facebook post, or LinkedIn post, contains a URL. The following is a custom URL being used to attach this lead to a campaign. Adding the lead to the campaign will make it very easy to show ROI on the social channel this link is posted to.


The URL you should use for scoring is the URL your marketing automation tool gives you. Most tools also let you attach a piece of content to a campaign and a score for future automation. When you copy your social URL and paste it into your messaging application, it will be sent and tracked by your system.


Keep in mind that social media Likes, follows, retweets, blog posts, and other non-URL interactions should not be scored as sales-ready actions. They should instead be scored for other types of measurement, such as identifying your happiest customers. For example, score blog posts when your content points to a stage in the buyer’s journey, but not when posts contain content about your company culture.