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How to Publish Your First Landing Page for Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

If you choose to build a basic landing page within your marketing automation tool, simply follow the instructions in your tool. Most applications walk you through a series of fool-proof steps. This is the best approach for most people, but issues sometimes arise with building a landing page in a marketing automation tool:

  • Limited functionality: Depending on your tool, your landing page creation and functionality may not be as robust as your current website solution.

  • Limited SEO control: Some companies have very heavy SEO needs and optimize their landing pages for inbound marketing. Your marketing automation tool may not be able to meet certain special needs.

You should investigate your marketing automation’s landing page tool to see whether these issues might arise. Many landing page tools don’t have limitations in these areas. If your marketing automation tool’s landing page builder is not up to par for your needs, you should consider the following options for building your landing page.

All the following options will still work with the rest of your marketing efforts, and having to use one of them should not deter you from choosing a marketing automation solution. Just understand that some additional amount of work is required.

  • Build it from scratch: When building your landing page from scratch, you need to use your tools and incorporate a form from your marketing automation tool. This is the best option for those who have an existing website with landing pages and don’t want to re-create them in a marketing automation tool, or those companies that have such complex requirements that their marketing automation tool does not suffice.

  • Upload an HTML template. When you upload HTML, you can easily copy the look of your web page by simply copying the raw HTML file. Right-click the page you want to mimic and then copy the page source. You can then paste the source code into a raw HTML editor and save the file.

    This process is not fool-proof, though, and will probably get you only 90 percent of the way to a fully functional page.

  • Use your content management system (CMS) to build a landing page. For the most customizable option, use your CMS. Your CMS gives you the greatest control and is already set up to look like the rest of the pages in your website. The capability to build a landing page is not available with all marketing automation tools, but a majority of them include this feature.

    Most marketing automation tools allow you to have special pages added to your website. Adding pages is easy and maintains all automation options for your future campaigns. You create the landing page in your CMS and then post the URL into your marketing automation tool, making sure that it recognizes the URL as a landing page.