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How to Nurture Leads Who Utilize Competitive Solutions in Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

One of the most effective sales support campaigns is a marketing automation campaign to nurture leads who are using a competitive solution. For example, a sales rep may be working a lead who can’t buy today because she is stuck in a two-year contract with another vendor.

Your sales rep still wants to build rapport over those two years, but he wants to minimize the effort in doing so because he has to close deals this year to make his quota. A nurturing campaign is a great way to help with this situation. You can follow three steps to set up this type of campaign:

  1. Set up the segmentation by creating a custom field in the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or using a preexisting field.

    Some tools allow you to set up segmentation without CRM manipulation. All you really need is a data point to read so that you know when someone should be added to this campaign. It is suggested you look at the lead status and the field where you mark the tool being used if it’s not yours.

  2. Create the drip nurturing campaign.

    You should craft your drip nurturing campaign for “competitive solutions” with sales support. The sales team will know the cadence of the emails, what to say, and what pain point the person is likely to have if using that solution. All these aspects are very important.

  3. Train your salespeople on the campaign.

    Before you launch any campaign, make sure to train your sales team on how to add people to the campaign, what the campaign does, and what they can expect to see as a result.

It is strongly suggested to use this campaign if your industry uses contracts and you have competition. This campaign helps to remove the burden on sales to follow up every month and lets them focus on closing more business.