How to Maximize Trade Show Effectiveness with Marketing Automation - dummies

How to Maximize Trade Show Effectiveness with Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Trade shows are one thing many businesses have in common. Luckily, marketing automation can help solve the following issues associated with trade shows. People stop by your booth, get some data sheets, and likely throw them away soon after.

Your salespeople usually argue over whose lead was whose, and you can never really get them to put into the customer relationship management (CRM) the trade show where they found the lead.

As a result, all the time you spend setting up and planning is for naught because you can’t prove your ROI. Using marketing automation can solve all these issues with trade shows, and it’s pretty easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Buy a tablet for each sales representative.

    Any mobile touch-screen tablet will do.

  2. Create a landing page/form.

    You need to have Wi-Fi access at your booth for this to work. (There are other ways to do this without Wi-Fi; they require technical skill, however.)

  3. Create automations for your landing page/form.

    You want to set up a different form for each sales rep and create the following automations for each form to perform:

    • Autoresponder email: This form automatically sends an email to prospects when they fill out the form. It also sends them the data sheet automatically so that they don’t have to carry it around. You can also now track whether prospects read the data sheet.

    • Mark lead with lead source: This form marks the lead with the event that generated the lead, so you don’t have to rely on sales representatives to do this.

    • Add to nurturing campaign: This form ensures that you add this lead to a follow-up nurturing program.

    • Assign the lead to the sales rep: With this form, all leads that come through a specific salesperson are assigned to that person.

  4. Load each tablet with the URL for the specific sales representative.

    Give all the salespeople their own tablet with their own landing page. Here is a tablet with an example form and landing page.


Now your sales team is armed and dangerous. Send the team off to the event and watch the leads get automatically routed to the correct representative, personal follow-ups get sent instantly, and ROI tracking get done — and you never have to do a thing. And your sales reps don’t have to input business cards!