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How to Keep Up with Marketing-Sourced Marketing Automation Opportunities

By Mathew Sweezey

Marketing-sourced opportunities (MSOs) are opportunities that marketing can prove are 100 percent generated by marketing efforts, including marketing automation. In other words, MSOs would not have happened if the marketing team had not been involved.

Most companies have a minimum threshold of MSOs that they need to meet. MSOs are usually shared with the sales team so that each salesperson knows how many leads to expect to receive from marketing over a given period of time.

MSOs can be tricky to keep up with but also very easy to keep up with if you know what you want to report on. The basic report for MSO leads can be very basic or a bit more complex, depending on your needs. Here are three easy ways to set up a basic MSO report:

  • Using lists: You can easily set up an MSO report by using lists. Lists are the easiest way besides a prebuilt report that your tool may or may not have. To set up a list, simply use an automation rule to add people to a list after they have been passed along to sales.

    This approach gives you a list of all sales-ready leads. Then you can get a list of all opportunities the sales team creates and cross-reference the two against each other in Excel. Having the lists in Excel helps you see the number and value of MSOs easily even if your marketing automation tool doesn’t have this report as an out-of-the-box feature.

  • Using CRM tools: Because your CRM has all your opportunity information, you can easily set up a custom field in the lead record to help you with tracking your MSO leads. Here is an opportunity in that includes a Lead Source field.

    The custom field is marked “Marketing” when any new lead is passed from marketing to sales. Having this field marked correctly means that the data will follow the lead to the opportunity stage, giving you the data in your CRM to correctly make your MSO report.

    Salesforce allows you to automatically populate fields in an opportunity record based on the contact record. Populating fields may require AJAX coding (or any special coding that your customer relationship management tool (CRM) may require), depending on your edition of Salesforce.


  • Using automated methods: If your marketing automation tool is tied to your opportunities in your CRM system, you may have MSO reports automatically created for you out of the box. You should consult your vendor to see whether an automatic MSO report is possible and to find out what you might need to do to set it up.

    The good news is that this feature is available in most advanced marketing automation tools, so you should be able to have this report without too much work.