How to Integrate Marketing Automation Video into Social Media - dummies

How to Integrate Marketing Automation Video into Social Media

By Mathew Sweezey

Video is a massive social media tool, especially when combined with marketing automation integration principles. It can be used on any medium. If you are not doing video now, you should be. Videos are the hottest engagement method currently online.

You can read tons of stats on their power. Do you think your prospects watch more TV or read more books? Answer: They watch more TV. That’s why video is such an awesome tool with social media. You have three ways to integrate video into your marketing automation mix:

  • Basic: The most basic integration you can have between your videos and your marketing automation tool is to simply post video to your website. Because your marketing automation tool knows what pages a person looks at, you can easily see whether someone visits the page your video is on. This visibility allows for all automations such as scoring, routing, and nurturing.

    Posting video to your website is not the best way to use it, but it is better than nothing. It also is the easiest to set up, and you can do it with any video platform, from YouTube to Vimeo. Your call to action can be on the page or you can embed it at the end of the video.

    You can even have a form below the video without editing your video file at all. All these options are easy, and you can handle them without any technical knowledge.

  • Intermediate: If you want a tighter integration between your videos and your marketing automation tool, you can embed calls to action within your video. This functionality depends on your video-hosting tool.

    More advanced tools such as Wisita are very specific for B2B marketing and have simple tools to allow you to insert forms into your videos. These video-hosting tools do not require you to have any special software or video equipment.

  • Advanced: Advanced integration requires that both your video platform and your marketing automation tool allow for this type of connection. You can check with your vendor to see which video platforms the vendor integrates with.

    By connecting your video platform to your marketing automation tool, you can see how much of a video each person watched and then run automations and scoring based on a person’s engagement with a single video. This technique is super powerful and not that hard to set up.