How to Increase the Engagements in Your White Paper Campaign with Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Like many other things in marketing, a white paper campaign is very different and easier to handle with marketing automation than without it. This is because marketing automation gives you a lot more visibility into the full campaign and allows you to optimize it in places you never could before. All these optimizations can also be automated so that you get more leads without having to lift a finger.

Here are some simple ways to increase engagements with your white paper campaign with the help of marketing automation:

  • Check form completion rates. Form completion rates tell you how many people fill out your form when they have it in front of them. You can also track abandonment rates to help you identify those leads who don’t instantly connect but do have some level of interest with your campaign. You can follow up with an email to those leads later with a slightly different spin.

  • Watch email open rates. Email open rates are very easy to track. Although they don’t offer a great metric, they can give you some good information. The open rate can tell you who wanted your content but didn’t get it. This information leads to an easy automated follow-up campaign to help you to increase engagement.

    Because you know these leads wanted your content, you can simply create an automation rule to resend the content to them, helping you drive more engagement from your white paper campaign that you couldn’t have done without marketing automation.