How to Improve Marketing Automation Email Deliverability with Email Authentication

By Mathew Sweezey

Marketing automation emails utilize email authentication. This is likely to be new to you if you have never used an advanced email tool. Email authentication is very similar to your Canonical Name (CNAME). It gives the Internet a way to correctly verify where the email is really coming from. Each spam filter uses a different email authentication method, and a list and the methods used appears below.

The purpose of email authentication is to assure mailbox providers that your emails are coming from your actual email domain and not a spammer who hijacked your IP address and is impersonating you. Think of this as a security feature for your email campaigns. You should plan on setting up as many types as your vendor will allow.


DomainKeys is a useful marketing automation email authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of an email sender to verify message integrity. This protocol is largely backed by Yahoo!. To implement DomainKeys, simply add two new TXT records to your DNS.

The first record contains the general DomainKeys settings: TXT "t=y; o=~;"

The second record is your actual and more specific key. TXT  "k=rsa;
EUeuNoNbav9JrAdUAsqln8YYA0jkARmuox2EdWkU5fkrzQKJHSGB" TXT "k=rsa;