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How to Impact Sales with Lead Notifications through Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

In marketing automation, you can generate important information for the sales team. Salespeople love to have data on their prospects and they love to be notified when prospect data changes. The more data they have, the better decisions they can make when they engage.

Any notification you plan to set up for your salespeople needs to be communicated after integrating your CRM system. One of the most common is the lead activity reports included in your CRM tool after integration.


Logging your lead history into your CRM system allows sales to use one tool for all prospect data and notifications. Each tool has a different way of notifying salespeople. Some tools use notification tools within a CRM application; other tools use desktop notifications outside the CRM application.


No matter which type of notifications you use, make sure that the sales reps know that they will be getting notified when a lead shows activity. They can then log in to the lead record to read the full report. Your training should cover which notifications require action on the part of sales.

Instead of individual notifications, you could choose to set up a daily summary report sent to all salespeople each morning. A summary shows identified leads assigned to each rep and the leads’ activity that day. You can also choose to have all anonymous visitors listed and sent to sales.


Don’t allow your salespeople to use notifications to become creepy. For example, if salespeople are notified when a prospect downloads a white paper, your salespeople shouldn’t think they can call the prospect and say, “I know you just downloaded my white paper.” That’s creepy to prospects.