How to Get the Best Marketing Automation Results through Teamwork - dummies

How to Get the Best Marketing Automation Results through Teamwork

By Mathew Sweezey

You need a team of people to make your marketing automation implementation successful. Following is an overview of each person or group you are likely to need, and a brief description of what that person will be doing over the course of the implementation.

  • Marketing team: Responsible for email creation, forms, landing page look and feel, lead flow process, nurturing program design, and PPC integration.

  • Webmaster: Responsible for placing JavaScript tracking code within the element of web pages and for implementing iFrame code for your forms.

  • IT admin: Responsible for creating vanity domain records (as in and implementing email authentication with DKIM, Domain Keys, SPF, and SenderID.

  • Marketing agency (if applicable): Responsible for overall online marketing, lead management, and lead nurturing strategy, as well as for landing page and email asset creation.

  • Sales leadership: Responsible for coordinating sales training, adopting of email plug-in, and working with marketing to set lead assignment processes.

  • CRM admin (if applicable): Responsible for installing the marketing automation module into your CRM, setting up custom fields and layouts (should they be required), and adding any other required integrations, which may include iFrames and possibly custom code.