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How to Format Marketing Automation Emails for Optimized Engagement

By Mathew Sweezey

Your copy isn’t just the words. It’s also how the words are laid out. If you format too much, your marketing automation email doesn’t look genuine. Great artists always say, “Sometimes you just have to walk away and let it be done.”

This attitude holds true for your emails as well. Don’t overwork them. If you do, they will look that way and lose the one-to-one feel you are going for. Here are some things to avoid to keep your emails looking personal as opposed to automated.

  • Drop formatting. Don’t try to format your emails at all. Write them just as you write emails that you send from Outlook or Gmail. When was the last time you formatted an email to your friends?

  • Remove bullet points. Bullet points show that you’re trying to make a point. The problem with bullet points is that if one of them is not something the person cares about, he will dismiss the others. If your goal is to get the prospect to click a link, drop the bullet points. Optimize your copy for the link click, not an argument.

  • Keep them short. The shorter, the better. People have little time to read an email, so keep them short, sweet, and to the point. You’ll easily increase engagements this way.

  • Scratch salutations. Don’t use salutations. They are way too formal, and nobody uses them unless they are sending a formal communication. Nurturing emails should appear to be sent manually, not automatically, and a salutation can work against that impression.

  • Remove heavy signature blocks. Signature blocks take the person’s eye away from the hyperlink. Optimize for the link click. The prospect already knows who the email is from because it is in your email address.

Here is an example of a great one-to-one email.