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How to End Marketing Automation Nurture Programs

By Mathew Sweezey

A marketing automation nurturing program ends in one of two ways: The lead either converts along the way or makes it all the way to the end of the program. Those two scenarios are the only options the lead should have. Here’s how to deal with both situations:

  • Leads who convert: If a lead reaches your goal, she should be removed from the nurturing campaign. You can remove the lead through an automation rule, and with some tools, the automation rule is built in combination with the nurturing program. Regardless of how you set up the removal of the lead from the program, just remember to remove people from the nurturing program after they have converted.

  • Leads who don’t convert: Leads who don’t convert along the way will make it to the end of your nurturing program. You should deal with these leads in a very specific way, using one of the following basic techniques:

    • Use a list. If the lead makes it to the end of the campaign, you can have a list that is auto populated with a segmentation/automation. This should remove the person from the nurturing campaign and put him on a special list. You can then use this list as a holding pen, or as the beginning of another nurturing campaign.

    • Create a task. If the lead is on a sales-support program, consider letting your sales rep know that the lead has finished being nurtured. The sales rep can then decide what to do next with that lead. The rep may want to reach out with a phone call or add the lead to another campaign. The point is to let the salesperson control the next step.

    • End with a nice note. You may want to have the last email in your nurturing program be a “break-up” email. This is a common practice for getting an engagement. Your email may read very much like the email below. The tactic is similar to what magazines do when they put “This is your last issue” on the cover of the last magazine in your subscription.