How to Craft a White Paper Marketing Campaign - dummies

How to Craft a White Paper Marketing Campaign

By Mathew Sweezey

Content marketing drives the majority of marketing efforts for most business-to-business (B2B) companies. The term white paper is used as a general term for any marketing asset that is downloaded.

You can use white papers for paid search campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, email campaigns, and nurturing campaigns. SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), and any other paid placement campaigns are called inbound campaigns. When you reach out to people via email or social media, you’re conducting an outbound campaign.

Also, one white paper campaign might be part of multiple marketing campaigns. Before you start to build your first download campaign, make sure that you step through the following:

  • Create your asset. You need to have the URL of the asset ready before you begin.

  • Set aside time to build a few emails. Make sure to set aside time to build your email templates. If you are running an inbound campaign, you likely need only one template. If you are creating a nurturing campaign, you need three email templates. For a basic outbound email campaign, you need one email template.

  • Talk to your webmaster. You may need administrative access to your website if you plan to place a form on any web pages. To minimize your need for IT help, you can easily build a landing page in your marketing automation tool.

  • Set a goal. Whether your campaign is supposed to support the buying cycle, launch a new product, attract new leads, or support other efforts, your goal shapes how, where, and when you execute the campaign.

  • Send “sets” of emails. It is suggested you build nurturing programs in groups of three emails at a time, or sets. At this stage, you don’t yet know what works best for nurturing programs, so building any more than three emails is wasted effort because you are likely to have to redo them anyway.

    So building three emails, sending three emails, and then seeing what worked on those three emails before you build your next set is the best way to begin.