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How to Copy the Best Salespeople to Create Great Automated Marketing Content

By Mathew Sweezey

Because any email communication you will be sending in an automated sales support marketing campaign will appear to come from a salesperson, you need to make sure that they look as though they came from a salesperson.

Many marketers cringe when they think about the emails their salespeople send; their salespeople, however, usually know a thing or two about what they are writing. Learning to take tips from your best salespeople will greatly increase engagement with your emails.

  • Ask for their best email. Every sales rep has his or her “best email.” They are the ones he or she will use the most often, and they are usually tailored to a specific point in the buying process and easily changed.

    The latter two points give you two big wins. Sales will give you the best messaging for a particular point in the buying cycle, as well as give you a template, which works very well with dynamic text. Here is a good example of a great sales email, which is set up to be able to just drop in names and other information.


  • Find out their cadence. Cadence is something every sales rep has as well. Each rep has a process for when they call, how often they call, and when they do different types of touch points. Having a process is systematic and makes keeping up with a lot of leads much easier.

    Your best sales reps will have figured out a very effective cadence for your marketplace. They know how often is too often to reach out, and how soon is too soon to reach out.

  • Speak their language. Despite any bad grammar, bad formatting, and careless mistakes your salespeople make on a daily basis, this is what makes them salespeople, not marketers. Speak in their vernacular, and write as they would — maybe not exactly as they would, but similar.

    Notice how they write an email and how they speak about topics. Pick up some of these tricks and it will make your emails more believable and increase your engagement.

    Don’t have bad formatting, have none. Personal emails are what most salespeople send when they are communicating with a person, and these are short, with no formatting. Salespeople get into trouble when they try to format emails or make emails not look handwritten.