How to Build Net New Lead Nurture Marketing Automation Campaigns

By Mathew Sweezey

The purpose of a net new lead nurturing marketing automation program is to take a new lead from her first engagement to being a sales-ready lead. When building your first net new lead nurturing program, use the following checklist to make sure that you have everything you need to create a great program:

  • Content: You should have both long-form and short-form content ready to go. Some great ideas to use in this program are as follows:

    • Blog posts from industry veterans

    • Links to articles in popular magazines

    • Industry studies put out by other people

    • Your own blog articles

    • Links to great videos related to a lead’s interest

  • Templates: Have your email templates ready to go

  • Segmentation: How will you add people to the program? For inbound campaigns, some people may suggest using a segmentation on your form or content. That way, when someone fills out a form, he is added to this campaign.

    You might also choose to have special content, to which you can add a segmentation/automation rule as well. For outbound campaigns, you can put people directly on your program. Or you can use a semi-dynamic rule to have them added automatically.