How to Build Marketing Automation Programs to Connect to Facebook - dummies

How to Build Marketing Automation Programs to Connect to Facebook

By Mathew Sweezey

Business-to-customer (B2C) brands tend to understand the value of Facebook, but convincing business-to-business (B2B) brands of Facebook’s power is very difficult. If you can use marketing automation to track your engagements, it can easily show you the value Facebook provides. You have a few ways to build and connect your marketing automation tool to Facebook. Some are easier than others:

  • Basic integration: Basic integration is the same for Facebook as any other social media channel. If you can control your URL, or the destination of the URL, you can connect the two systems and track your lead flow.

    The most basic way to use Facebook is to have a page and allow people to Like your page. Receiving Likes can help provide social proof of the viability of your company.

  • Intermediate integration: If you are a more advanced Facebook marketer, you might be using Facebook ads. If you are using Facebook ads, they integrate with marketing automation in the same way as any other paid search medium. You need to make sure that you’re using custom URLs or driving leads to a specific landing page.

    Either of these methods allows you to track effectiveness. This is called intermediate integration because it requires you to know how to do paid placement ads in Facebook. This knowledge is not something most people have.

  • Advanced integration: If you’re an active marketer in Facebook, you can get into very advanced integrations. Facebook allows for the insertion of iFrames into your pages. That way, forms created in your marketing automation tool can be posted to your Facebook page, giving you a lead capture form inside Facebook.

    Because a lead capture form is already native to your marketing automation tool, no integration is required for setup. This is called this advanced integration because posting iFrames into Facebook requires IT help if you’re not familiar with the use of iFrames.