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How to Build Automated Marketing Campaigns for Cold Sales Leads

By Mathew Sweezey

The first automated marketing campaign you should build for sales after turning on sales enablement should be designed to catch and nurture the leads that sales can’t reach through the selling process. These leads usually fall through the cracks and are never heard from again.

Many articles that cover sales effectiveness reference a statistic that says these unreachable leads will buy from someone over the next 24 months. If you aren’t communicating with these leads somehow, it’s unlikely they will buy from your salesperson.

Creating this campaign requires you to first identify a few key fields for segmenting your campaign. You should look at two fields. One is a lead stage and the other is the lead’s last activity date:

  • Lead Stage: The lead stage is the prospect’s place in the sales process. For example, a lead could be in the assigned stage or the accepted stage depending on whether the lead is assigned to a sales rep or assigned and also accepted by the rep.

    If you don’t currently use a lead stage, you need to change that situation so that you can create a campaign to catch cold leads. The field is filled in by a sales rep manually, or you can use CRM automations to change it for you.

  • Last Activity Date: Last Activity Date is a custom field already in use by your CRM tool or a default field added by your marketing automation tool during integration. This field displays the last activity date of the lead in question, helping you gauge that lead’s last interactions with any of your marketing activities.

After you have the aforementioned two fields set up, use them to create your campaign by assigning the campaign to a condition. For example, if the lead has not had activity within 10 days, and the lead is in the assigned lead stage, your lead has been assigned but the sales rep hasn’t accepted or started working the lead.

To keep the lead warm, your marketing automation system can now add the cold lead to your cold lead nurturing campaign.

The other big win is the fact that any activity the lead shows will go directly to the sales rep because the lead has already been assigned. That way, marketing is helping sales to stay in front of leads, and sales is helping marketing get more value out of the leads they created.