How to Build a Marketing Automation Campaign for Sales Lead-Nurturing - dummies

How to Build a Marketing Automation Campaign for Sales Lead-Nurturing

By Mathew Sweezey

You can empower sales reps with nurturing marketing automation programs to help them be more effective with their time. Here are some items to consider before you create these specific nurturing programs:

  • Segmentation/automation: You need to set up a way for sales to put the leads into the drip program in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It is suggested you make this a manual effort at first. Consider adding a field to your CRM, which your salespeople can check. Some marketing automation tools have a solution for this situation.

  • Content: Your content should always appear to be coming from the salesperson, so use links to existing content. Great content for the sales team to share includes

    • Articles they found while doing research

    • Blogs they like to follow (Sharing the blog is just as good as sharing a post. Also, the blog is an evergreen item, whereas a post might become dated quickly.)

    • An invitation to watch a webinar you have coming up

    • An invitation to check out your resource library

  • Templates: Get some of the emails that salespeople are currently sending out, and use those emails to help you craft emails that mimic their best practices. This approach can save you a lot of time in creating new emails for your sales-nurturing programs. It also encourages sales to buy in to the program.

  • Dynamic signatures: All emails to a lead should appear to come from a lead’s sales rep. A dynamic signature is a standard feature in marketing automation tools, so make sure you are using it. This feature allows your nurturing emails to appear to be sent by their sales rep. Using this feature is usually as simple as clicking a button.

  • No branching needed: Sales lead-nurturing programs should mimic the follow-up cadence of your sales team. These programs do not need to branch; they are very effective with just a main nurturing line. You can therefore create these more quickly than traditional nurturing campaigns.

  • Add phone calls: With a few marketing automation solutions, you can also add tasks for your sales team, such as to drop a phone call in between emails. This way, your emails appear to be coming from a real person.