How to Build a Cross-Sales Marketing Automation Nurture Campaign - dummies

How to Build a Cross-Sales Marketing Automation Nurture Campaign

By Mathew Sweezey

If you sell multiple products, cross-selling with marketing automation lead nurturing comes in handy. The goal of a cross-selling marketing nurturing campaign is to have short campaigns promoting other products that help salespeople know whom to call. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it short: These campaigns should be very short and highly targeted to the task at hand. The more you email about products a person isn’t interested in, the more frustrated the person becomes with you.

  • Don’t use branching: If you have engagement because the lead is already a client, it is suggested you have sales place a call.

  • Leverage tasks: Leverage your nurturing program’s capability to schedule tasks in your customer relationship management software for sales. That way, when an action does happen, you schedule a task for a sales call. This approach helps you build your rapport much better than through an email.

  • Put the right signature on emails: The signature should come from the person who owns the relationship, even if the rep will not be selling the solution. Introducing another rep via email hurts the rapport you already have.