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How to Avoid Common Landing Page Mistakes in Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Creating forms and landing pages for marketing automation is easy, but you want to watch out for common mistakes when publishing your landing page. For example, when you use a lead capture form, make sure that it’s capturing the leads correctly. Test your form as soon as the page goes live to see that it works as you intend.

Verify that your landing page renders correctly. Also, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editors are not 100 percent perfect, so you should check your live landing page for correct rendering in all browsers. When you check the form submission feature of your landing page, make sure that the page is being tracked on your lead records: Create a dummy lead and visit your landing page.

You should also verify that the text on your form clearly explains what will happen when the user fills out the form.


Your competition is going to get their hands on your content regardless of what you do to try to stop them, so don’t try to create ways to stop them. You’ll just create barriers for the people you care about reaching.

So when someone in your organization complains that a form is too easy or that the competition is going to get your great information, assure the worrier that the competition already has it!