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How to Assess Your Marketing Automation White Paper Campaign

By Mathew Sweezey

You can use a very specific marketing automation report to evaluate smaller tactics and measure the specific impact so that you can improve the small tactical items for larger gains on the entire campaign. Here is something to consider with white paper campaigns:

  • Completion by goal demographic: Completion by goal demographic is a measurement of a very specific segment of your database. When you can track the people who are not completing your form as well as the people who are, you can get a better idea of how your goal demographic is engaging. Use the following formula to determine your true completion rate by goal demographic.

    You should target for a ratio of 1:1 completion by goal demographic, which would mean that 100 percent of your conversions are from your goal demographic. So if you had a form that 100 people converted on, and 90 of them were in your core demographic, you would have a ratio of 9 out of 10, or 90 percent.

    With marketing automation, you’ll easily see which of your conversions are in your goal demographic due to your new lead tracking abilities. If you are close to 1:1, your offer and form are perfectly optimized for your goal demographic.

After you have made your list, sent out emails, driven people to a form, and completed a white paper campaign, you can choose among a few great and easy ways to measure it. You need to correctly track three basic engagements for your white paper campaign:

  • Form completion rates: Form completion rates tell you how many people fill out your form after they have it in front of them. You can also track abandonment rates, but for business-to-business (B2B), looking at abandonment rates is not recommended.

  • Email open rates: Email open rates are very easy to track, but they’re not a great metric; they can, however, generally tell you some good things. You should have close to 100 percent open rates on a white paper campaign. If you are below this number, take a look at your subject line as the reason.

  • Click-through rates: If you are sending a mass email, expect your click-through rates to be low, well below 5 percent. If you’re sending an auto responder email, expect these rates to be very high. It is not uncommon to see them above 50 percent because the lead asked for the email and is expecting it.