How a Marketing Automation Team Should Collaborate with a Sales Team

By Mathew Sweezey

With marketing automation, you can run many types of sales support campaigns, but you should never run one without collaborating with sales in the following ways:

  • Define goals together. You need to sit down with the head of your sales team and define goals for your campaigns. Defining goals helps to get cooperation with each idea as well as a clear idea of what the campaigns are supposed to help with.

  • Obtain acceptance on ideas. Your ideas need to be bought into by the sales team. You might need to attend sales meetings to present your ideas, or do this via an email. You should meet in person so that sales staff can ask you questions. They will have lots of questions.

  • Create a test group. Set up a test group if you have a tough crowd. The test group is the first to use the campaign and then share their results. A test group can be a great asset if your team is reluctant to change.

  • Set a report date. You must have a defined end of your campaigns. Having an end allows you to obtain feedback. If sales doesn’t want your campaigns to stop, you don’t have to, but putting a defined date down on paper gives you a predetermined date for reevaluation. It also allows you to push off sales’ comments until that date.