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Basics of Mass Emails vs. Marketing Automation Email Nurturing

By Mathew Sweezey

Nurturing is an email technique using a marketing automation tool. Before running a nurturing campaign sending a lot of emails, you need to understand the high-level differences between email marketing and email nurturing. Here’s a breakdown of those differences:

  • Email is one to many; nurturing is one to one. Mass emails, regardless of your segmentation, are not one-to-one communications. A mass email consists of one email sent to many people, which means that its message is not relevant to many of them. Nurturing, on the other hand, is a one-to-one communication method.

  • New email templates are a must for nurturing. Because nurturing is one to one, you need to create completely new email templates that will appear to be one-to-one communication.

  • Nurturing uses automated execution. With email marketing, you have to create a list and send an email to the list. With marketing automation, you create many emails that are sent out automatically based on an automation program you have set up. So you are no longer the one hitting the Send button because everything is automated.

  • Nurturing gives your leads more visibility. With mass email sending, you generally can see only opens, bounces, and clicks. With marketing automation, you can follow each lead to a website and identify sales-ready leads from there. With more visibility, you don’t weigh email opens and clicks as heavily as you do website page views.

  • You create personalization with nurturing. With mass email sending, you send one email to thousands of people, typically with a generic subject line and copy. With marketing automation and lead nurturing, you send one email to one person, thousands of times, with much more personalized subject lines based on your new visibility and automations.