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Basics of Marketing Automation and Online Marketing

By Mathew Sweezey

Marketers are running the majority of their campaigns online. Marketing automation and online marketing have a symbiotic relationship. Think of marketing automation as an extension of online marketing. It needs online marketing to work, just as online marketing is made more effective by marketing automation.

Online marketing usually consists of many different channels and types of campaigns. Here are the marketing campaigns that can be made more effective with marketing automation:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Marketing automation allows for the tracking of each keyword, and full closed-loop return on investment (ROI) reporting on every keyword.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Marketing automation provides full lead tracking so that you can see each person and every paid advertisement that person has engaged with.

  • E-mail marketing: E-mail marketing changes with marketing automation because you don’t have to send blast e-mails, which are individually executed marketing pieces not tied to other prospect interactions.

    With marketing automation, you gain the ability to execute automated, personalized lead-nurturing campaigns that may last for months and dynamically change based on people’s interactions with the emails they are receiving. So you move from a manual execution and scrubbing of lists to an automated campaign that can optimize itself for best results.

  • Content marketing: Marketing automation gives you the ability to track every piece of content and see each person in your database who engages with your content.

  • Trade shows: If you attend trade shows, marketing automation gives you the ability to track each lead from your booth and prove full ROI on each trade show.

  • Social media: Tweets, blog posts, LinkedIn, Facebook, and all other social media channels can be tracked and reported on. So you can prove the ROI on social media down to the tweet and demonstrate how it influenced your last closed deal.

  • Website: You can drive more value out of your website by knowing every page a prospect looks at, helping you to identify hot leads based on the prospect’s level of engagement with key pages.