Add a Document to the ACT! Documents Tab - dummies

Add a Document to the ACT! Documents Tab

By Karen S. Fredricks

In ACT! 2008, adding a file to the Documents tab is easy and well worth the effort. The Documents tab, which you can find on the Contacts, Groups, or Companies windows, allows you to attach or create a shortcut to any and all of your files related to the current contact, group, or company. You can add or create a shortcut to a proposal created in Excel, a contract created in Word, or even a PDF file that you scanned into your computer.

Just follow these steps to add a document to the Documents tab:

1. Display the contact, group, or company record to which you want to add a document.

2. Click the Documents tab.

3. Click the Add Document button on the Documents tab icon bar.

You have two choices here:

File: By choosing this option you’re actually cloning the original file and adding it to your ACT! database. After you add a document to the Documents tab, you can open the file directly from ACT! to view, edit, or print. Removing a file from the Documents tab doesn’t remove the original document from your computer and vice versa. Remember: Because the file you add to the Documents tab is a clone of the original, changes you make to the original document don’t appear in the cloned document residing on the Documents tab, nor do changes that you make to the cloned document appear in the original. Consider deleting the original document to avoid any confusion.

Shortcut: Creates a shortcut linking back to the original document rather than copying it. The location of the original document displays on the Documents tab.

The My Documents path is specific to both the machine and user. Purchasing a new computer or changing the user information in your existing one renders your shortcut(s) invalid. Consider creating a new Windows folder, such as ACT Documents, that can be re-created on a new computer and be seen by a variety of users. In addition, remote database users who don’t have access to those folders can’t view the document.

Depending on your choice, the Attach File or Attach Shortcut dialog box opens.

4. Browse to the document you want to add, select it, and then click Open.

ACT! adds the document to your ACT! database and displays the size, type, and last modified date on the Documents tab. Attached files display the document’s name; attached shortcuts display the path to the file.

Documents that you add to the Documents tab become a part of your database, so remote synchronization users can now access those documents, as well. You can also add a file to the Documents tab from Windows Explorer or My Computer by dragging the document’s icon to the Documents tab.