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5 Key Focus Points for Marketing Automation Outbound White Paper Campaigns

By Mathew Sweezey

When you want to promote a white paper to the contacts in your existing marketing automation database, you have a few ways to go about it. You will typically use outbound campaigns via email as mass email or email nurturing campaigns. Either way, keep the following keys in mind with your first outbound white paper campaign:

  • You don’t need a form. You don’t have to create a form or landing page. You already have the prospects’ email addresses, so you do not need to require them to fill out a form. If you do, you’re likely to decrease your engagement rates.

  • Your subject line should match your content and the goal of your content. Compose a subject line that’s very specific and tailored to each person’s interest and level of interest.

    Your content likely has one of two goals: to stay in front of a person and drive engagement over the course of a long sales cycle, or to nurture a current interest. Either way, make sure your subject line and content fit the goal.


  • Your email copy should get to the point. Keep it short and try to leverage Rich Text instead of heavy HTML. When you feel you must use HTML, use video or other content that is clear, short, and helpful. Here is a great example of an email from Wistia delivering video content to me.


  • Your call to action needs to be a hyperlink. Don’t attach your content to the email. Instead, use a link. Links allow you to track the click so that you can report on the content people engage with. Optimize your email for a single call to action.

  • Personalize it. With marketing automation, your emails can be sent from anyone automatically, so use this feature. Don’t just send an email from a company; start to build a relationship with a key person.