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3 Content Development Tips for Successful Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Most companies that engage in online marketing understand the value of creating content. Content provides search engine optimization (SEO) value, backlinks, and the benefits of thought leadership. When preparing for marketing automation, don’t neglect to commit to an investment in content. Your commitment should include:

  • Create new content: Your marketing automation tool will help you identify which content you should be creating, but you need to commit to the time and resources to build new pieces of content. Estimate creating a minimum of three to four new pieces of content per quarter.

  • Test new content mediums: New content also needs to be tested across new mediums. You will easily be able to test effectiveness with your marketing automation reporting functionality.

    For example, you should plan tests such as watching conversions to determine whether a video converts more prospects to customers when hosted on your site or on YouTube. You need to set aside time for constant testing, because testing leads to small increases in effectiveness of your programs over time.

  • Learn to use content in new ways: A single piece of content can be used in many different ways. You can save time if your main content can be broken up into smaller pieces of content for use in emails and landing pages.

    For example, a 15-page white paper can be divided into three separate five-page pieces targeted to a different step in the buying cycle. This breakdown will help you get more time savings out of a content effort and maximize your value at the same time.