Visualizing Analytics with Dashboard Snapshots - dummies

Visualizing Analytics with Dashboard Snapshots

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

If your organization has customized your Service Cloud Home page, you may see a Dashboard section there. The Dashboard section displays the top three components of a selected dashboard.

A dashboard is a chart or graph that helps you visualize complex information about your business. These are representations of existing reports in Salesforce that display some key data you should have access to. For example, you may have a report of the average age of a case before it’s resolved, broken down by support rep or geography. A dashboard can take the report and show you a bar chart, making the data more digestible.

If the Dashboard section appears on your Home page, you can also do the following:

  • Change the Dashboard displayed on your home page. Click the Customize Page link and select any dashboard you have access to. The Home page displays only the three components at the top of the dashboard you choose.

  • Refresh the Dashboard. You should also remember to refresh the data that the Dashboard displays to see the most current information by clicking the Refresh button.

  • Drill down into your data. Click a chart or table in the Dashboard to drill into the source report the Dashboard is visualizing for you.