The Differences between Knowledge and Solutions in Salesforce Service Cloud

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

Part of Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies Cheat Sheet

It’s important to understand the differences between certain Service Cloud features to make smarter decisions for your business, especially when money is involved. Here we take an inside look at Knowledge and Solutions features and terms:

  • Unlike Solutions, using the knowledge base requires Knowledge feature licenses, which come at an additional cost.

  • Unlike Solutions, Knowledge comes with a suite of reporting and analytics to give you insight into your knowledge base, article statistics, and ratings.

  • Although Solutions continues to be supported, Knowledge is at the forefront of Salesforce iteration and development. Expect to see continuous improvement and enhancements in Salesforce Knowledge.

  • Knowledge allows for article segmentation and categorization with data categories. With Solutions, you can’t expose different Knowledge articles to your internal team than you do to your customers.

  • Knowledge search and integration with cases is more advanced and leads to quicker case resolution.

  • Unlike Solutions, Knowledge leverages the Chatter feed and a publishing approval process for enhanced team collaboration.

  • Knowledge Articles support rich text format like a Word document, while Solutions don’t. That means no bolding or italicizing; just paragraph breaks between plain texts.