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Solving Cases with Suggested Solutions in

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

Salesforce Solutions present a knowledge base solution that is targeted more specifically to service organizations than Salesforce CRM Content is. Support organizations that use Solutions rather than Content will find a tool that aims to answer specific customer inquiries instead of only providing the relevant content to search through and find the answer.

With Salesforce Solutions, you can empower your support organization with a powerful issue resolution tool while saving money. A key feature of Solutions called Suggested Solutions can help to cut costs by reducing case resolution times and enabling self‐service for your customers via your Self‐Service Portal, Customer Portal, or Customer Community.

In order to leverage Suggested Solutions, you must ensure that your organization can do so. Suggested Solutions are available in the following editions of Salesforce:

  • Professional

  • Enterprise

  • Performance

  • Unlimited

  • Developer

If your organization uses Suggested Solutions, when researching a customer’s issue or problem, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the case record you’re working on, scroll to the bottom of the page, and locate the Solutions related list.

    The Solutions related list.
    The Solutions related list.

    Your organization must have the Solutions related list available on Case page layouts in order to leverage Suggested Solutions directly from case records.

  2. If this is a new case, and you haven’t already attached a solution, no solutions will appear in the related list. Click View Suggested Solutions or type some key search terms in the text box and click Find Solution.

    Salesforce searches for all relevant solutions that your organization has created.

    When you click Find Solution, Salesforce searches for relevant solutions based on the information found on the case record.

    When you click View Suggested Solutions, the results will return relevant results based on a powerful search that incorporates the following into a scoring system for solutions:

    • Word frequency

    • Word proximity

    • Case similarity (for solutions with cases attached already)

    • Related solutions

  3. Review the relevant solutions on the Suggested Solutions page for the case, as shown here.

    The Suggested Solutions page.
    The Suggested Solutions page.
  4. Click Select in the Action column next to the solution you want to leverage for this case.

    Salesforce attaches the solution to the case record.

  5. Communicate the solution back to the customer to resolve the case.

    Communicate the solution back to the customer according to your company’s procedures. Here are some of the possibilities for communicating and resolving the case:

    • Email the solution to the customer.

    • Call the customer and communicate the solution.

    • If your organization has set up the appropriate workflow rules, you may be able to update the case status or close the case to generate an automatic email alert to the customer with Suggested Solutions included.

    • If your customer has access to the case record and solutions via a Customer Portal or Customer Community, she can access the case record directly to view the attached solution.

  6. If you can’t locate a corresponding solution in Salesforce, but you ­discover a resolution, you can close the case and create a new solution for future occurrences of similar cases.

    If you choose to create a new solution, be sure to complete Step 5 and communicate the solution to the customer.

    Create a new solution when closing a case.
    Create a new solution when closing a case.