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Cheat Sheet

Peachtree For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Peachtree For Dummies, 3rd Edition

By Elaine Marmel, Diane Koers

When using Peachtree to manage your business finances, remember the credit and debit rules; use keyboard shortcuts to work easily in Peachtree; and get to know the toolbar buttons used the most. If you have a question about using Peachtree, or accounting, use the variety of internet resources available.

Debit and Credit Rules when Using Peachtree

Peachtree helps you keep debit and credit rules straight when you’re managing business financials. Just remember: Credits and debits must equal each other. Peachtree will do the accounting work for you, but keep these other pointers in mind:

  • To increase an Asset account, DEBIT it.

  • To decrease an Asset account, CREDIT it.

  • To increase a Liability or Equity account, CREDIT it.

  • To decrease a Liability or Equity account, DEBIT it.

  • To increase a Revenue account CREDIT it.

  • To decrease a Revenue account DEBIT it.

  • To increase an Expense account, DEBIT it.

  • To decrease an Expense account, CREDIT it.

Important Web Addresses for Peachtree Help

If you need help with Peachtree or have questions about managing your company’s finances, these web sites have the information you need:

Peachtree Keyboard Shortcuts

Peachtree speeds up your accounting tasks — and keyboard shortcuts speed up Peachtree. Get to know these Peachtree key combinations ( or keyboard shortcuts) and their functions to help you quickly and efficiently complete your business accounting.

Press This    To Do This
ALT+S Save the current record
CTRL+C Copy selected text to the Windows clipboard
CTRL+X Cut selected text to the Windows clipboard
CTRL+V Paste text from the Windows clipboard
CTRL+E Delete the current record
CTRL+F Display the Find Transactions window
CTRL+D Find Next
CTRL+N Create a new company
CTRL+O Open an existing company
CTRL+B Back up a company
CTRL+R Restore a company
CTRL+P Print the displayed report, invoice, quote, payment, and so
F1 Get help for the current window
CTRL+F6 Move to the next window
CTRL+F4 Close the current document window
ALT+F4 Close the application window

Frequently Used Toolbar Buttons in Peachtree

Toolbar buttons complete the tasks in selected Peachtree windows. These toolbar buttons are used over and over in Peachtree, so get to know their names and functions: