Using NetSuite's List Shortcuts - dummies

Using NetSuite’s List Shortcuts

By Julie Kelly, Luke Braud, Malin Huffman

Part of NetSuite For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can find records quickly via list shortcuts. NetSuite provides lists for all of the major record types, including customers, transactions, opportunities, and events. Lists show results that let you find any record type in the system.

  • To sort a list by a particular column, click the column header. An arrow image in the header shows whether the sort order is ascending or descending. Click the header again to reverse the sort order.

  • Lists always display a footer section at the very bottom of the page. The footer section has footer filters that allow you to change list results.

  • The footer contains a View drop-down list. Views allow you to instantly change the columns of data in the list, or to filter the results.