NetSuite Shortcuts and Icons - dummies

NetSuite Shortcuts and Icons

By Julie Kelly, Luke Braud, Malin Huffman

Part of NetSuite For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The NetSuite home dashboard and overview screen icons can save you valuable time. Among other tasks, you can access recent records, start a new event, and create a new customer. The top-left two icons in the accompanying figure (respectively) let you access recently updated information and create or get to a shortcut you’ve already made. Below that, from left to right, the icons let you create a new:

  • Event

  • Phone call

  • Task

  • Customer

  • Contact

  • Opportunity

  • Sales order

  • Cash sale

  • Invoice

  • Enter bills

The button showing the double arrow lets you add and remove buttons from the bar.

Netsuite's shortcut bar.