Create and Use Shortcuts in the Dynamic GP Navigation Pane

By Renato Bellu

Part of Microsoft Dynamics GP For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Dynamics GP shortcuts appear in the upper part of the Navigation pane when you display your Dynamics GP Home page. Use shortcuts to quickly open frequently used windows and resources within Dynamics GP. For example, you can create one set of shortcuts to the windows you use regularly and another set for the ones you use for month-end procedures.

Default shortcuts are available to each new user created in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Any shortcuts that you move into the Startup folder start automatically when you log in to a company in Dynamics GP.

You can take the following actions regarding shortcuts and their folders:

Action What to Do
Open a shortcut Click the shortcut.
Open a shortcut in a folder Click a folder name to expand its contents and click the shortcut.
Add a new shortcut folder Right-click anywhere in the list of shortcuts and choose Add→Folder.
Move a shortcut into a folder Select the shortcut and drag it into a shortcut folder.
Delete a shortcut or folder Right-click the shortcut or folder and choose Delete.

To create a shortcut to a Dynamics GP window, open the window for which you want to add a shortcut. Then choose File→Add to Shortcuts.

To create a shortcut to a Dynamics GP SmartList, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the list of shortcuts in the Navigation pane and choose Add→Add SmartList.

  2. In the Add SmartList Favorite Shortcut window that appears, locate and select the favorite for which you want to create a shortcut.

    The favorite appears in the SmartList favorite field.

  3. Accept the default name or enter a new name, up to 79 characters, in the Name field.

  4. Choose Add and then choose Done.