Online BusinessObjects Resources - dummies

By Derek Torres, Stuart Mudie, Julie Albaret

Part of BusinessObjects XI Release 2 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As you start using BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Enterprise suite, you may find the following websites to be a good list of references to have by your side as you begin to navigate through the world of business intelligence tools.

The BusinessObjects website

When you’re looking to learn more about any product, be it a piece of software or a car or a washing machine, one of your first ports of call should undoubtedly be the manufacturer’s website.

From BusinessObjects you can download official product documentation, find out how other people are using BusinessObjects products, discover more about the different aspects of business intelligence, and (if all else fails) even contact customer support.

Needless to say, the main aim of the site is to sell BusinessObjects products, but it also contains some useful information underneath the marketing sheen.

SAP Community Network

One particularly useful section of the BusinessObjects website is the SAP Community Network, which is the official BusinessObjects community site (SAP acquired BusinessObjects in 2007). It features forums, developer resources, product news, tips and tricks, together with a series of specific portals for some of the company’s main products, including Web Intelligence.

BOB: BusinessObjects Board

If you don’t want the official word, but would rather ask questions and share information with other users of the BusinessObjects suite who aren’t afraid to point out when (and why) things are going wrong, and who can often provide ways around even the thorniest of problems, then the BusinessObjects Board is the place for you. provides a host of material covering the many facets of business intelligence as a whole, rather than focusing solely on the products in the BusinessObjects suite.

The site features numerous short articles, opinion pieces, and news stories, and also offers more in-depth white papers for download (although to access these you have to register with the site).

ITtoolbox Business Intelligence Knowledge Base

Like Business, the BI corner of the ITtoolbox Knowledge Base is a gold mine of information on every aspect of the field of Business Intelligence. One of its strengths lies in the way it breaks down its information by topic, and the fact that it includes a specific BusinessObjects section, making it much easier to find stuff that is of direct relevance to BusinessObjects.

Business Intelligence Network

If you can get past the packed home page, and the cutesy URL, the Business Intelligence Network is a great site for Business Intelligence news, thanks to the sheer mass of information it provides about the world of BI.