Navigating the Salesforce Home Page - dummies

Navigating the Salesforce Home Page

By Liz Kao, Jon Paz, Matt Kaufman, Tom Wong

Part of For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you log in to Salesforce, you begin at the Home page, which looks similar to other users’ Home pages. However, the tasks and events are specific to you:

  • Tabs: Click the tabs to navigate Salesforce. When you click a tab, the tab’s Home page appears with sections for views, tools, and reports to help you manage your work.

  • app menu: Use the app drop-down menu to switch between sets of tabs most used by different types of Salesforce users.

  • Create New drop-down list: Select an item in the Create New drop-down list to create new records in Salesforce, such as accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

  • Recycle Bin: Click the Recycle Bin link on the sidebar if you deleted a record in the past 15 days that you want to restore to keep the job.

  • Calendar: Use the calendar to keep track of your schedule in Salesforce. With the calendar view icons, you can jump to different time periods and view the calendars of other users or resources.

  • My Tasks: Use the My Tasks section to stay up to speed on your to-do items.

  • Search: Find information fast in Salesforce by entering keywords and then clicking Search. A search results page appears with lists of records that match your search.

  • Recent Items: Use Recent Items to open records that you recently visited.

  • Messages and Alerts: View Messages and Alerts for important communications from your Salesforce project team or managers.

  • My Settings: Click the My Settings option under the Your Name menu at the top to go to the My Settings page and modify your personal settings. If you’re an administrator, use Setup to customize, configure, and administer Salesforce.

  • Help: If you need help, click the Help link in the upper-right corner.