Managing My Tasks and Calendar in Service Cloud

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

A task is an activity that doesn’t typically have a specific time and duration; an event does have a specific time and duration. Events and tasks are both considered activities in Salesforce. The My Tasks section shows your tasks, while the Calendar section displays your events.

Using My Tasks

The My Tasks section is your personal list of open tasks that need to be completed. An example of an open task may be calling back a customer on a specific date or attaching a relevant document to a case.

From the Home page, you can view, edit, and create tasks and events. These can be tasks that you create and set for yourself or ones that others assign to you or Salesforce generates automatically.

The My Tasks section displays all open tasks.
The My Tasks section displays all open tasks.

More specifically, in the My Tasks sections, you can

  • Create new tasks quickly. Click the New button and create your task.

  • View a list of open tasks assigned to you. You can view up to 15 tasks on the Home page. By clicking View More, you can see the maximum.

  • Change your task time frame. You can choose to see your tasks for different periods of time using the list at the upper right of the My Tasks section. For example, you can set the task view to look at overdue tasks that you more urgently need to complete, or view all your tasks that are due this month.

  • Complete your tasks. Click the X to the left of a task to mark it completed. This will bring you to the Edit page (where you can modify a record), but it will automatically set the Status to Completed.

  • Review and edit tasks. Choose any task in the list by clicking the link in the Subject column to view the task detail page. Click the Edit button to edit your task information. To edit a task directly from the Home page, you can click the X to complete it. Just make sure you change the status back to whatever it should be if it’s not, in fact, completed.

Managing your events with the Calendar

The Calendar section stores your personal, team, or company events in Salesforce. It defaults to displaying the current month on the Calendar and shows you events in the upcoming week.

The Calendar section shows you your scheduled events.
The Calendar section shows you your scheduled events.

Like tasks, events in your Calendar are either created by you or assigned to you. You can choose which events you want to share with your Home page, as well as the view. You can choose from a daily, weekly, or monthly view of the Calendar.

You’re also able to customize who you want to share your calendar with and the level of detail they see by clicking on the Share My Calendar link, clicking the Add button, and selecting the user(s), role(s), or public group(s) you want to grant access to.

In the Calendar section, you can do the following:

  • Create new events quickly. Click the New Event button and fill out the details to create your event.

  • View an actual calendar. For the sake of familiarity, Salesforce has a visual representation of a calendar. You can toggle the month displayed by clicking the side arrows or click on individual dates to check out the events you have scheduled on them.

  • Use different views of your Calendar. Click the icons underneath the small calendar to view a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.

  • Change views of your events. You can view your events as a list view, a multi-user view that shows the events assigned to multiple users, or a single-user view that shows you your assigned events.

  • Review and edit events. Click an actual event in your Calendar list to display the event detail page. Click the Edit button to modify the event information.