Installation and Upgrade Considerations for BusinessObjects - dummies

Installation and Upgrade Considerations for BusinessObjects

By Derek Torres, Stuart Mudie, Julie Albaret

Part of BusinessObjects XI Release 2 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You need to take into account some considerations before you start using BusinessObjects — or even installing it on your own machine. By laying the groundwork and doing your homework ahead of time, you can (potentially) save yourself a lot of time and avoid a lot of headaches.

Here are some things to keep in mind when installing or upgrading to BusinessObjects XI Release 2:

Pick the right computer

This applies to anyone who is planning to install BusinessObjects locally or who isn’t planning on running the installation on a dedicated computer.

Ideally, you should host BusinessObjects XI Release 2 only on a dedicated server. BusinessObjects should run on a powerful computer whose sole mission is to run BusinessObjects for your organization.

Okay, you’ve heard this before, but take the necessary precautions to guarantee that your installation will work. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Make sure that you’re using a powerful processor that is in line with BusinessObjects’ minimum requirements.

  • Keep extra RAM on board to ensure better performance. If you’re buying a new computer these days, the standard seems to be 4GB. Even if the minimum requirements for installing BusinessObjects are significantly lower, it’s recommended to have a higher amount of RAM. You can never have too much memory.

  • Keep a significant amount of hard-drive space free for your installation. For example, if you were installing BusinessObjects XI Release 2 on a spare PC, it’s recommended you buy an extra disk (even an external USB drive works) and dedicate it to BusinessObjects.

    You’ll have to store all of the documents that your users create, too!

  • Make sure that you have the proper malware applications, as well as an active firewall. To cover your malware protection, use an antivirus and anti-spyware combination for complete coverage.

  • Use a computer that you can leave turned on continually. BusinessObjects XI Release 2 requires continual uptime so others can access applications — such as InfoView — so you’ll want to use a computer that not only can be left on continually but also has continual Internet connection. Otherwise, when your host computer is off, your colleagues can’t use BusinessObjects.

Before you attempt to install BusinessObjects XI Release 2 on any computer, be sure to perform a full backup of your entire computer. Even if you’re performing a full installation on a new hard drive on your computer, perform a backup of all other media drives and their files.

You certainly don’t want to take any unnecessary risks of data loss; computer backups are relatively quick and easy to perform.

Are you upgrading?

If you’re an existing BusinessObjects user who is simply new to XI Release 2, there are some extra concerns that you should think about prior to integrating BusinessObjects XI Release 2. Here’s a short list:

  • Everyone in your organization who runs Desktop Intelligence locally must upgrade to BO XI R2. Migration is an all-or-nothing deal — either everyone upgrades or things get ugly fast.

  • If you’ve saved any BusinessObjects or Web Intelligence documents, you need to upgrade them (in DeskI or WebI) to BO XI R2. You can do this using the Import Wizard tool.

    After you upgrade a document, it cannot be used retroactively with any earlier version of BusinessObjects.

  • If you’re administrating the upgrade, think about upgrading everyone’s personal documents and InfoView Inbox documents. Neither of those groups migrates automatically; each requires your guidance in order to happen correctly.

Though there are many similarities between this release of BusinessObjects and earlier releases, throw out your preconceived notions of how the upgrade should occur. To make the most out of BusinessObjects XI Release 2, remain flexible and be prepared to adapt with the application.